"La Minute" : All You’re Up in 1 minute !

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Each day, a video of 1 minute in music to summarize all that happens... What a challenge !

July 22nd, D 7 : last day

Action in the city or Taking his/her time : once again, the scheduled was cut in half, as for the 20th. On the night a hyper festive evening activity brought fire to You’re Up... to conclude (...)

July 21st, D 6 : Living together

A day centered on living together, Many activity, meeting with engaged local associations, and even a minister ! (M. Patrick Kanner, French minister of City, Youth and Sports, the ministry (...)

July 20th, D 5 : Day in the city and Take his/her time day

The day theme was to "take his/her time", but not to lounge all day long. Big games, partnership with local associations, relaxation moments and a evening activity in troup to end it !

July 19th, D 4 : Day in unit and mass

A day in unit, ending with a great eucharistic celebretion, with confirmations and the inter-religious presences.

July 18th, D 3 : A scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances

Venturers who are up in spite of 2 nights spend in the Zenith theater because of the storm, Leaders who rocks, Everybody feeling fine No need to say more, You’re Up participants, are too cool !

July 17th, D 2 : Installation and Parliament

Today’s schedule : installation in the village while the 800 youngsters are in the European Parliament, and many opportunities of meetings in the villages. Highlights and inter-religious moments (...)

July 16th, D 1 : Arrivals and Launching

THEY are coming THEY are here ! The 15000 venturers and scouts from the whole Europe landed and celebrated the launching during the big evening activities.

July 15th, D -1 : Preparing the Basecamp

The preparation of the basecamp, the last preparations, the ultimate meetings ... and the Rovers’ ball in the service team village. Now, everything is ready to welcome the venturers tomorrow.