July 20th and 22nd, D 5&7 : living in the city and taking one’s time

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A quite special article as it covers two day.

Indeed, monday and wednesday, the venturers will, on their turn "act in the city" and "take their time".

For the part "act in the city" some local and national associations as Emmaüs’s companions (a french association for reinsertion by collecting old furnitures) or J’accède (I access) which inventories the disabled persons accessible locations.

On the Take your time day, there is some informations on how to eat healthy, how to make a massage, some handcraft, in one word : we relax

20th evening it is activity by troups !

22 evening is the last evening : big feast, with fanfare, DJ and songs which transforms You’re Up into a huge nightclub !

Our selection of the best photos of July 20th :

All this summarized in one minute ?

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