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A gathering like You’re up! needs special medical resources to make sure the whole event runs safely. The Scouts et Guides de France take these things seriously, so they’ve built their own hospital.

Plenty of medical points

Each Scout unit has its own first aid resources for their daily needs. However the young people are not always in their unit and these resources can be insufficient. So there are 13 jamboree medical points shared among the 25 villages (which each contain around 500 people) and activity areas. They perform triage (to assess whether someone needs further medical care) and first aid.

The French Red Cross is here to provide the transport service from these 13 medical points to the jamboree hospital.

Archives Vis Tes Rêves 2012
Archives Vis Tes Rêves 2012

The main hospital

The Scouts et Guides de France created a "health network" three years ago. This network carries out awareness-raising and prevention work throughout the year, and also supports the medical services at events such as General Assemblies, You’re up!, next year’s Roverway, etc.

For You’re up!, a real hospital has been built for the occasion, made of hard-sided tents with air-conditioned rooms. This is an interior photo:

This hospital was built according to the recommendations of the French emergency services (SAMU), the French society of emergency medicine (SFMU) and the French Army health service, which shows how seriously we take healthcare!

Rencontre du service de santé des armées
Rencontre du service de santé des armées
Réseau Santé SGDF??

The hospital has a triage section (reception, triage nurse), trauma area, medical area, shock management area, permanent rest area (for short hospital stays) and a 24-hour phone control centre. In short, everything you need to shoot an episode of ER!

Plan de l’hôpital You’re Up
Plan de l’hôpital You’re Up
Dossier mécénat - Réseau Santé SGDF??

When onsite resources are not enough, the Scout hospital provides transport from the main hospital to the public hospital. If the situation so requires, the public services (fire department, SAMU) or the Red Cross provide transport to the Hautepierre university hospital in Strasbourg, which is notified of the event and is also likely to have a special plan in place.

Archives Vis Tes Rêves 2012
Archives Vis Tes Rêves 2012

In this main You’re up! hospital you will find:

  • 4 A&E doctors
  • 1 cardiologist
  • 1 intensive care doctor
  • 2 general practitioners
  • 4 resident officers, 1 non-resident officer
  • 1 dentist, 1 physiotherapist, 1 pharmacist
  • 9 nurses including 2 A&E nurses, 3 paediatric nurses, 1 intensive care nurse
  • 8 first aiders

It is also important to note that, as this is Scouting, these are all volunteers!

The French Red Cross provides between eight and ten first aiders each day, depending on the activities, and six overnight. All these first aiders hold the required French first aid qualifications and have their own first aid vehicles.

All this to spend time playing cards – of course, the real aim is not to use the medical services at all! But they are there, just in case. After all, Scouts have to be prepared!



The photos of the French “Protection civile” vehicles are LaToileScoute archive photos from the “Vis tes Rêves” Scout jamboree in 2012.

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