The Logistic Team

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They are You’re Up’s little hands, those without whom whe should do all our equipments by ourselves, LaToileScoute met the Logistic Team.

They were there before You’re Up, they will be there after (at least until the 27 of jully for the majority) it’s the Logistic Team. They are responsible of the distribution, the upkeep and the recuperation of the equipment, imported from Jambville by many trailers.

To handle and empty all those pallets, there are their arms of course but also
many machines.

Les palettes une fois vidées
Elles seront utilisées ensuite pour les constructions et pour le bois de chauffage.

But be careful, the goal is to be strict, each box has it’s inventory to respect.

L’inventaire d’une caisse

But for that there is a technique : The computer stock following. Like that, the team can find any element of the stock.

Une check-list du matériel à récupérer à la tente presse (RELations EXtérieures)

The whole staff thanks them a lot for their work during this jamboree and for their disponibility despite their huge responsibility.

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