You’re up!: 15 days to build a town

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This is the challenge of You’re up!: to transform a parking area and fields into a town with 15,000 inhabitants. And all this in just 15 days!

This article will be updated again and again, so read it from bottom to top if you want the correct chronological order!

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12 & 13 July - The arrival of the village teams and LaToileScoute

This is it! LaToileScoute is in the house! But we are not the only ones to have “landed” - the village teams are here too, and they are building the town halls. The jamboree team has given everyone a warm welcome. Apart from that, the sanitary facilities are almost ready, the wood is being unloaded and the solar showers are already heating up!

Safely arrived for a week of service at #YouReUp. All the volunteers are welcomed by Nicolas Bertrand

11 July - The ramp-up

Volunteers are coming from everywhere, strengthened by the Rovers. The cafeteria is full to bursting and the children’s village for the children of volunteers has opened.

Juju, the first arrival at the children’s’ village.

It’s hard work on the service team, I swear!

Building of the solar showers. Team spirit.

#YouReUp seen from above

Morning briefing with the team leaders and the service teams

And here we go again for a day of setting up with the service team

We’ve updated the gallery.

France3 has done a report, which we’ll share here:

10 July - Some technical details

The mini-town of 15,000 inhabitants continues to grow, little by little.

Here is some technical information on the various systems:

  • Drinking water: supplied to all villages via two fire hydrants. Big pipes measuring 110 mm² run from these two hydrants located in the Zénith car park: one passing over the bridge that provides access to the stage, the other crossing the road on the west side under the metal bridges, and both positioned in trenches dug for the occasion.
  • Waste water: a complete water removal system has been installed in the same trenches. As the fields are flat, there is no slope to help the water flow, so a system with buffer tanks and lift pumps routes the water to a manhole inside the Zenith area.
  • Power supply:
    • For the villages: this comes from a temporary substation by the road in the middle of the campsite. It is a 400A supply that runs to all the villages via 39 distribution boxes (32A minimum).
    • For the technical village: this runs via the various connections available in the Zenith car park.
    • For the main stage: this comes from two power supplies: a local town substation and a 500kVA generator. The substation supplies the sound and video equipment via a "normal/backup" box, while the generator provides a permanent supply for the stage lighting. The latter can also provide a backup supply for the sound and the video if necessary.
  • Sanitary facilities: as for the previous jamboree, these consist of vacuum toilets (like those on high-speed trains). This saves a lot water, as they only use one litre for each flush.

8 July – Stage construction begins

There are already more than 70 people working on the campsite to set up the infrastructure.

Work progress:

  • All the sanitary facilities and showers are in place on the campsite, they are currently being connected.
  • The water supply system is beginning to take shape.
  • The positions of the village gates and stages are being marked out.
  • The phone network is being deployed, the other communication system is on its way.
  • 2 new tents have been put up to make meeting rooms.
  • The educational equipment is starting to arrive.
  • 2 road bridges have been installed to provide a crossing point for the water, power and phone systems (quite some weight!).
  • The bridge that will allow access to the main stage is being installed, the 2 ramps still have to be put in place.
  • The stage is also starting to go up, and the roof structure is complete.

6 July - The service teams are coming!

The volunteers are coming, there will be just over one hundred of them by the end of the week!

Work progress:

  • Geotextiles being placed in the trenches ready to receive the power supply system, water supply system, phone network, etc.
  • Creation of temporary "roads" to allow the service vehicles (catering, waste, rescue, etc.) to access all villages.
  • The central kitchen and cafeteria are now operational.
  • The first toilets and showers have been installed for the service teams.
  • The service team village is starting to take shape.
  • The construction wood has been delivered.
  • The first consumable supplies for the central medical point have arrived.

2 July - The rigid structures are progressing well!

  • The site is progressing well, still with the help of professionals. Almost all the large tents are in place.
  • The equipment is still arriving from Jambville.
  • The trenches are finished in the fields where villages will be based.
  • The wooden pioneering poles needed for construction have been delivered... but there’s plenty of work to be getting on with!
  • The toilets and showers are being stored in the car park for the moment, they should be in place in the fields next week.
  • The main medical facility is in place ... let’s hope we won’t need it too much!
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30 June - The work is launched!

Benoît, a LaToileScoute volunteer living in Strasbourg, is now visiting daily to see how the work is progressing. The teams from Jambville (the Scouts et Guides de France national centre, near Paris) have been here since 29 June. The volunteers are beginning to arrive to help with building but at the moment it is the professionals who are playing a key role, helping with construction machinery and the delivery of prefabs, hard-sided tents, large tents, etc.

Here is Benoît’s news:

  • The work is going well, they are on schedule.
  • This week mainly involves installing the "technical" village structures to welcome the teams arriving next week (around one hundred people).
  • The only work in the villages this week is digging trenches for the water, electricity and phone systems.
  • The Jambville equipment has been arriving throughout the week in ten trailers.
  • The water supply will be provided via two water inlets on the Zenith fire system (no need for a special device, unlike at CitéCap).
  • The self-service canteen and main kitchen are almost ready. It is important to feed the workforce!
  • The hard-sided communication team tent is complete.
  • The tents for equipment and food supplies are being set up.
  • A journalist from local newspaper DNA (Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace: “Latest News from Alsace”), has already visited to gather information. It’s is going to make a buzz!

26 June - Trucks leave Jambville

Over the day, 10 trailers left Jambville to take supplies to You’re up!
A few days before, the farmers had mowed the fields. Did you know that these are private fields? The Scouts have bought the year’s harvest (which will not be gathered) so that the farmers don’t lose out.
Secondly, did you know that the Zenith concert venue schedule has been interrupted for three weeks, just for the Scouts? The building will apparently be used as a fallback point in case of difficult weather conditions.

A whole town, really?

Yes, really! It is an incredible amount of infrastructure, all built from nothing:

 The roads in the fields, able to withstand the passage of small trucks and emergency vehicles
 The food supply service: a delivery, storage and distribution system
 The power supply for the villages as well as the main stage. Let’s just say that this needs quite some power!
 The communication network: well, there is the mobile phone network but it is not that reliable. So it is backed up by a network of walkie-talkies that use a powerful communications mast put up for the event, as well as by an old-fashioned network of landlines linking each village to the headquarters: communication guaranteed, even in case of a major blow to security!
 The drinking water supply system
 The firefighting pipelines at the right pressure: indeed, with 2,000 fires at the edge of Strasbourg, the firemen are seeing red just like their trucks!
 The sanitation system: toilets as well as showers! 15,000 people have to be able to take a shower during their 8 days on site
 The waste water removal system, connected to the city system
 The waste collection system in cooperation with the city council services
 The health service: medical points in the villages but also a real hospital, which will be built and managed by volunteer professionals. It has been organised jointly with the French army health service!
 The security service: we are expecting VIPs and 15,000 youngsters, just a short distance from the city. Everything must go peacefully, both for Strasbourg residents and the Scouts and Guides. There is also a plan B in case of a big emergency (such as a big storm leading to floods, like at the previous Scout jamboree)
 The village councils and the headquarters with their own infrastructure: a cafeteria for the service team, and so on
 25,000 pioneering poles for the structures and an incredible amount of firewood
 And finally, of course, the activity spaces and the huge main stage.

All this... in 15 days !


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