The general stewardship

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A wise man once said "Eating well is the beginning of happiness"...

... and it’s something every chief knows, the youth’s good moral requires very good meals, and at You’re Up!, no risks of depression despite the events. And for the 20 drivers, the 20 members of the service staff and the 100 companions (75 per day with a changing), it was a real challenge, the numbers will make you lose ground :

  • 8 tons of tomatoes provided by 11 farmers
  • 3 tons of carrots consumed in a meal
  • 3.5 tons of "choupette", apples produced in Alsace
  • 12 tons of watermelons
  • 14 000 bananas (2.5 tons)
  • 20 000 milk liters
  • 17 000 orange juice liters
  • A trailer full of meat
  • 76 000 bread pieces
  • 13 500 pretzels
  • 2 250 kouglofs for a breakfast
  • 300 specific menus (allergies, vegans...)
  • 2 100 boxes for each meal for a total of 20 000, which is like 10 tennis courts or, endwise, 19 times the height of the Eiffel tower and 50 times the height of Strasbourg’s Cathedral
  • 18 refrigerated camions
  • 200 000 meal and picnics
  • A team which has been working for years on different jamboree’s stewardships and which accumulated hours of meetings with local producers to get provided in food
  • A stiflingly hot decor

During the 2nd night at the Zenith, teams had to wake up at 5 in the morning to serve the breakfast in time.

And when whe ask them where they find the force to do all that, the answer is simple : "It comes from the youngs, when whe saw them at the Zenith, it gave us the force to get over ourselves for them".

A huge Thanks! to their team without whom, certainly, this jamboree could not have taken place and who gave us courage when whe were missing of it.

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